Transfer to Co. 1

7/24/16: Engine Company 17 was dispatched to transfer to Co. 1 while they handled an inside fuel leak at a residence. Engine 17-2 transferred with 4 personnel. The engine handled no calls and was in service within 2 hours. … [Read more...]


Car and Dumpster Fire Training

  6/23/16: Thursday evening members of Company 17 took in some car and dumpster fire training at the FCPSTC. Crews worked for approx 2 hours before the rain shortened training. Members learned proper techniques of approaching and attacking car and dumpster fires. … [Read more...]


Garage Fire in “The Valley”

5/12/16: At 1851 hrs, Truck 17 was dispatched to 940 Church Road in Buchanan Valley's first due for a Garage Fire. Truck 17 responded with 4 personnel. Truck 17's crew assisted with overhaul after arriving on scene. They worked on scene for approx an hour before being placed in … [Read more...]

AFA at Quincy Home

5/4/16: At 1517 hrs, Truck 17 was dispatched to 6596 Orphanage Road for an Automatic Fire Alarm. Truck 17 responded with 3 personnel. Truck 17 was placed in service after communications advised a resident placed a vinyl record in the microwave causing the fire alarm to go off. … [Read more...]

Outside Fire on Clay Hill Road

4/25/16: At 2017 hrs, Engine Company 17 was dispatched to 1718 Clay Hill Road for an Outside Investigation. Engine 17-1 responded with 4 personnel. The engine arrived to find several piles of rubbish burning. Duty 3 advised the crew to extinguish 2 of the illegal burns. Crews … [Read more...]


MVA with Rollover on the Interstate

4/20/16: At 1229 hrs, Engine Company 17 was dispatched to Interstate 81 SB area of the 13 mile marker for an auto accident with rollover. Engine 17-1 responded with 4 personnel. Engine 17-1 arrived and provided blocking position for Squad 41. The engine crew assisted with patient … [Read more...]


Mulch Fire at the Fairfield Inn

4/19/16: At 1831 hrs, Engine Company 17 was dispatched to 1122 Wayne Road for a mulch fire next to the building. Engine 17-2, 17-1, and Truck 17 responded with 11 personnel. Engine 17-2 arrived on scene and found a mulch fire at the B/C corner already extinguished. The assignment … [Read more...]


MVA with Rollover and Confinement

4/18/16: At, 1711 hrs, Engine Company 17 was dispatched to 9300 blk Grindstone Hill Road for an Auto Accident with Entrapment. Engine 17-1, DC 17 and Chief 17 responded with 8 personnel. Engine 17-1 arrived on scene and stabilized the vehicle. Squad 3 arrived and provided the … [Read more...]

Brush Fire next to a Mobile Home

4/18/16: At 1257 hrs, Engine Company 17 was dispatched to 6317 Rockhill Road for a brush fire impinging on a mobile home. Engine 17-2 and DC 17 responded and held the assignment to Engine 5-1 and Tanker 5 with no extension to the mobile home. Units picked up shortly after. … [Read more...]